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"changing perception would change the world ultimately and take us to greater consciousness level .. "


—  IGF Founder 

Thought  Creates  Space

The Foundation Objective

The Imagine Global Foundation (IGF) is trying to make Research and Education  more object oriented and practical ; which could bring positive result and not just for academic interest or values. IGF would work to bring a fundamental change in perception from the traditional academic thought process , which is more of tunnelized thought and vision .


In the process, we continuously raise  questions on the conventional methods of learning, the so called growth parameters , development models and technological innovation. Probably we will try to dilute the traditional wisdom with technology and will try to bring a new definition. It might shake some common knowledge and understanding between success and ​failure, clarity and ​confusion, right and wrong, ethical and non -ethical , hope and despair, growth and sustainability, planned or unplanned.


We need to understand in the process; which are actually beneficial and which could bring the real changes and which have the biggest positive impacts on our human life and society as a whole..  

Envisioned Task

The IGF strive for paradigm shift in thinking; it would embark on a path to initiate vital aspects of our economic and social growth structure; a civilization capable of living at complete harmony and sustainable life style, shunning violence but it could thrive in chaos resulting from the emerging clash of civilizations.

IGF create awareness among people and society; where sustainability risk and civilization threats would be addressed through our various meetings, seminars and publications etc.  

IGF would undertake research studies, both directly and through Non Profit Organizations / Government/ Industry in a global scale; it would develop strategic alliances, inputs and sharing it with academic and relevant bodies. IGF will disseminate information through various channels, e-newsletters, white papers, blogs, publication of research journals, circulation of relevant features to concerned organizations and apex bodies.

IGF will identify and build partnership with credible apex bodies /organizations/Institutes / individuals; will work for a common vision and garner a support to promote networking and a cultural milieu through a global think tank.

IGF will have a global online library resources sharing credible data and resources. The data bank could be accessed and shared by like minded academicians, students and industry veterans. The IGF Think Tank  will be a global hub for knowledge resource center for referencing, networking, research and brain storming.

IGF would built a world class business lounge and club at its premises to encourage industry and academic collaboration; the knowledge hub would serve a very unique purpose than other such business lounge

Areas of our Activities

  1. Action research

  2. Project consulting

  3. Publication

  4. Online resources

  5. Social Club -the think tank

  6. Think Tank -dining & restaurants 

  7. Meeting & conferencing

  8. Training 

  9. Workshop 

  10. Certification 

  11. Research based education institute 

Industrial & Education Research


IGF’s one of key research focus on Policy research; on education, agriculture, industry, politics and socio economic issues. 


Education Research


The research work on current education curriculum, which is being taught in schools /universities and its relevance with real education and creating right kind of skill for job.  The current education is not effectively creating a skilled workforce what is needed by industry. As a result, there is a huge pool of graduates but not getting jobs; and at the same time industries are struggling to get right qualified people in the trade. The educational degrees are not in perfect sync with actual job role needed by changing global trends and industrial requirements.


Also why current education failed to create entrepreneurs and doesn't produce real human being than distributing numbers and degrees ..


The research focus on such gaps and recommended solution;  It also have ambition to establish its own skill based education institute in future.


Industrial Research


We engage in research on fundamental issues involving sustainable Industrialization; it focus on some selected industry verticals and would see if the growth is justified and balancing the right kind of people, technology and environment. The type of industrialization or trading activities need to suit the country specific needs, people’s aspiration, job creation and long term sustainability.


Countries like India would face a huge challenge in next 20 years to provide employment to its billion plus population; unless we create sustainable job creation, could cause a major social problem beyond political reach.

IGF work on industry specific research or sponsored research as consulting assignment; the fields are equally diverse as per industry requirement and we  work here as a consulting body.


The scope of alliance is on various industry streams to   enhance productivity, adopting Industry best practices, quality management, automation, agriculture, alternate energy, pollution control, sustainable solution etc.


The research work here  essentially a sponsored program ; either a private organization or government;  the research paper helps for decision making on policy matters. Such research papers published in  printed and online version  and would be accessible to all  with 100 % transparency.

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Assigned Research &Consulting 


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We felt the need to set up a non biased / non -political think tank as few developing countries have enough policy research institutes to help address the challenges they face.


IGF thinks  entirely new business models: new ways of delivering the same (or more) value to society.


We have embarked upon a path -to think about alternative business models, to find the problems (and articulate them) that nobody else has found, to translate policy problems into research projects, etc.  


We help in mobilizing  huge local talent and resources in a productive way.


Its open to everybody who has interest in knowledge sharing, could join; nominal membership fees and no obligation clause complying non- political / non –religious fundamentals are in place


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Trade and development

Online Resources & publications

All Rsearch papers could be oublished  in a a hard or a soft copy version; such research papers could be sourced by students free of cost . Otheres could pay a small amount which  could be funded  for such rsearch activities.

Brainstorming Session
Think tank - Meeting Lounges 

We will have a modern equipped meeting lounge for members ; where a meeting, conference, fine dining , restaurant, lounge bar would be availble.

Members woundn' find diificulties to do business transaction from a convenient location.

Professor Lecturing on Stage
Training & Workshop 

IGF would organize various skill / awareness based training and workshop for people in need . Such activities are mostly of Corporate or Government sponsorship program .

Mostly are either free or nominally charged.

Audio & Video  Media online and Social media 

IGF will have video production in Youtube or similr social media platform . this essentially would focus on  core thinking and life changing knowledge sharing ; a substantial part would be covering on political and other burning issues.

Students Taking Exams
Professional Certification 

IGF will provide training and certificate courses ( un conventional) through its own or external resources and provide certificates for such skill acquired.

Few such courses currently being handled by Skill development department but not effective . 

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
Education Institute 

IGF  Like to set up its own education hub in future with its unique education curriculum of self sustaining life style education mehodologies.


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​​We are immensely passionate

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